Floating Power Plants

A highly cost effective, sustainable mode of electricity generation

ECS has created a highly cost effective, sustainable mode of electricity generation. ECS with its innovative solutions can provide fast track to long-term solutions in the power sector.

Whilst a traditional power plant takes several years to be constructed, ECS with its support to Karpowership is providing a short-term solution until the land based power plants are built. Floating power plants are ready-to-go and as such represent an immediate step forward in Lebanon’s journey towards energy independence.
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    Always safety first
    The power plant that we operate are equipped with ready-to-go infrastructure that easily and quickly plugs in to the national grid. ECS is periodically assessing the environmental impact to ensure that zero waste produce enters the sea and that all waste materials are treated on-land.

    ECS Powerships benefit from an on-site team of engineers and technicians who live and work in-house; ensuring that the Powerplants are fully functional around the clock and operating to the highest safety standards at all times.
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